Who am I?

Hey there! My name is Chris Pierce and I am a freelance monitor engineer and aspiring accelerator physicist based out of Ithaca, NY. The passion I have for both physics and audio makes me uniquely suited for the demanding work involved in both fields. Physics has taught me to admire the more abstract side of life and has given me a better understand of the fundamentals that go into the equipment I am using when I stand behind a mixing console. Similarly, my experience designing and using sound systems that must work flawlessly under even the most extreme conditions has taught me practical skills that I bring to my work as an experimental physicist every day.

Monitor Engineering

Console As a freelance monitor engineer, I have been providing high quality audio services to my client base for over five years. Although my specialty is as a monitor engineer, I am also a skilled front of house mixer and regularly run audio for corporate events. I am always interested in helping new clients run a successful live audio event. Get in contact with me today using my professional website’s contact page and I can help make your next show go off without a hitch.

Accelerator Physics

Clean Room My research interests revolve around understanding the fundamental physics of photoemission with the application of accelerator physics. As a graduate research assistant in the Bazarov Group at Cornell University, I am studying the limits of the beam brightness achievable by photocathode based electron sources. These types of sources promise to power the next generation of accelerator applications such as industrial free electron lasers and ultrafast electron diffraction beamlines. I am affiliated with the Center for Bright Beams (CBB) and spend my free time promoting science outreach through them.